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04 September 2005 @ 09:33 pm
First Day  
Hi Everyone, this is Jake giving you an update on how the first bible study went!

Today was a pretty fun day. We didn't dive into the scriptures today but we did an overview on the studies we were going to do. So far everyone was in agreement and on track of where we want to go with this group! It was just pretty cool though. We all meet at my dad's house (1140 Timothy) around 5 o'clock, it was David, Lauren, Eva, Mathew, Ben, Leslie, and I (sorry if I misspelled, correct me in the comments or next time you see me). We all talked about what we wanted to do and get out of it over time, got to get a taste of what it would be like, and just took some time to hang out for the first day. After we got done with getting our direction, we tried playing a put togeather game with racketball, tennis rackets and a plastic ball that would curve in the air. So after that we got Tony's. (Good greasy food!) Then we went to the tenis courts and played aroud for a good while. Over all it was a good time. We started out at 5pm, planned to go until 7pm and lasted to 8:15pm. Good times. Next time we will actualy start our disipleship training program and move on until there.

Next time we might end up doing that game Eva talked about with the playground equipment. :) Sounds fun!

If anyone has any questions, just call if you have my number or talk to Eva or I at the next service.


Ps. If you want to get the book we are studying from, it's called "Live like a Jesus Freak" by DC Talk. You can find it at Family Chrisitan Book Store.

Also, MAKE SURE YOU COMMENT! Parent's and youth! This is how we are going to keep track of finding out who got here and knows how to use it. Click on the "Leave a Comment" link at the bottom of this post. Thanks!
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